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 Our Daily Routine

We ask that each day, students arrive to school by 7:15. This will allow them to transition into the school day and be prepared to begin class at 7:20. Students are required to be in uniform each day and arrive with all materials necessary for their day. All students are able to eat breakfast from 6:45-7:15, receive a fresh fruit or vegetable snack mid morning, and a healthy lunch. For students who stay after school, supper is available prior to the late bus departing. Our school dismisses at 1:55 each afternoon and after school activities begin at 2:05. The late bus will leave at 4:05. If your child will be late to school or absent, please call us. We look forward to seeing all of our students everyday, on time. 

*** New Tardy Procedure***
Beginning in October, any student who arrives late to school will need to enter the building via the walkers entrance on Lincoln Ave. Students will not be allowed to sign in through the main office unless they arrive after 8am.

School Day Schedule

Breakfast                     6:45-7:15

Lockers & Transition   7:15-7:20

Period 1                      7:30 - 8:20

Period 2                      8:23 - 9:13

Period 3                      9:16 - 10:09

Period 4                     10:12 - 11:02

Period 5                     11:05 -11:55

Lunch                        11:58-12:19

Period 6                    12:231- 1:13

Period 7                     1:15 - 1:55

For the 2017-2018 School Calendarclick here.

Click here​ to view the full lunch menu.

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For more information on transportation, click here.


Full Value Contract

  • The FVC is an opportunity to practice healthy behaviors within a group setting to further explore the meaning and effectiveness of each FVC concept or behavior. The focus should be on practice, rather than being perfect. There must be opportunities for failure and mistakes, as well as success for participants to learn which behaviors are most effective and desired in their group. For example, in order for a group to learn how to ‘Be Here’, both focus and lack of focus and presence and lack of presence must exist within the group. Likewise, to learn how to ‘Be Safe’ there may be moments where the experience feels completely safe, while at other times feels less safe. It is the opportunity to process the experience that will determine effective and desired behaviors. For more information on the FVC or Project Adventure, click here.



Students in the Language, Culture, and Leadership program at BDJMS along with all Dual and Renzulli students will take part in an exciting program earning coins to spend in our school store called the Marketplace. All students will receive an ID badge that can be scanned by staff to award coins in class, the hall, afterschool, etc. Whenever they’re seen following our team Full Value Contract, they could earn coins to spend. Students are also able to log in and track their own coins. Coins can be redeemed for special items, privileges, experiences, and more.

 Restorative Practices
​Our team is continually trained in the core concepts of Restorative Practices. RP is a relatively new field of study that has the potential to positively influence behavior and strengthen our community. In addition to building healthy communities, RP is a framework around which community members work to repair harm done rather than simply issue consequences. This is also the foundation of the Full Value Contract, and an ongoing principle of No Nonsense Nurturing. RP is utilized both information through impromptu restorative conversations and circles, and through formal restorative conferences involving students and families as appropriate. For more information on RP, click here. The Restorative Questions that our team utilizes can be seen below.


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